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Resident Newsletter- October

Quarterly Newsletter

We hope you had a pleasurable summer season! As October flies by, it’s a great time for us to reconnect and update you on a variety of things that may be of interest. We care about our residents and want to keep you informed!

Community Updates

Community Offices:

 Our office staff is happy to assist residents by phone or email during posted office hours. Any in-person visits must be by appointment only, and with all communicated safety precautions in place. If you have a maintenance emergency, and it is during office hours, for the quickest response contact the office staff directly.  If you experience a maintenance emergency OUTSIDE of office hours, then the answering service can take a message for you and contact the after-hours staff. (904) 257-4624

If any staff members are also your neighbors, please remember to respect their privacy and do not address community issues with them at their home. Thank you!


 Maintaining safe and sanitary practices recommended by the CDC continues to be a priority with Community Staff. We will adhere to those practices while planning how to safely open amenities, with specific restrictions and policies. Be on the lookout for more information in the weeks to come.

Resident and Staff Safety:

 It is imperative that we all work together to ensure the utmost safety. Subsequently, your Community Staff will continue to do everything they can to maintain adherence to rules and regulations that contribute to a safe environment. If you are ever witness to any type of crime in your community but are afraid to to report it, there are local Crime Stopper organizations that anonymously relay important information to appropriate law enforcement agencies. Below are links to follow, by city or county (if applicable), should you find yourself in that situation.

Wisconsin                                           Minnesota                                  Tennessee

 Madison     Superior                          MInnesota                                  Nashville Area

Resident Resources

Employment Opportunities

There are jobs that are hiring in many areas. Click on the links below to see more about jobs near you:

Wisconsin               Minnesota               Tennessee

Financial Help

Despite being more than 6 months into this pandemic, the struggle is still very real. Click on this link below for information on assistance with finding food, paying rent, or other essential services.



https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/toughtimes/covid-19- financial-resources/



















Lakeshore Home Makeover

Our team is at it again! We appreciate our residents, and we take every opportunity possible to give back to you and build an even greater sense of community. Last month we had the pleasure of completing a home makeover for one of hundreds of deserving residents who submitted an entry. Our refurb team enjoyed every minute of it, and the reveal was as special as we’d hoped.

We will be coming to a community near you in the future, and we’ll be sure to let you know how to enter to win when we’re in your neighborhood! In the meantime, check out our before and after pictures!

Remote Payment Information

The Resident Portal enables you to easily access and pay your bill online. Even if you choose not to pay online, your bill can still be viewed online. Community Resident Portal offers a convenient method for residents to determine their account balance, make lease payments, and update account information.  To take advantage you must FIRST contact your Community Manager so they can enable this feature. You will then receive a secure link that will give you access to set up your private credentials and other information.

There are 2 other remote payment options available to you as well:

ACH Transfer (Direct Debit) – automated recurring payment from your checking or savings account.  This is set up by contacting your Community Manager and asking to receive an agreement to complete

PayLease CashPay:  for cash transactions you may pay at a CheckFreePay location with cash or check (kiosks often found at Walmart, Amscot, K-Mart, etc.).  There is a small fee per transaction. Contact your Community Manager to receive information on how to set up an account.

In order to sign up for any of these convenient options you must contact your Community Manager by phone or email.

Seasonal Home Care Tips

In our neck the woods, we quickly go from admiring beautiful foliage to bracing for old man winter!  There is a lot that can be done for fall cleanup to be proactive and prepare. We’ve also got tips here to protect and winterize your home.  Whether you own or rent your home, here are some precautionary measures to follow:

Fall Cleanup-

Wash and put away or cover furniture/grills– it can rust with the elements!  Save your furniture AND your curb appeal and make spring a lot easier for you.

Empty summer pots put away– they can deteriorate and crack. Same with yard décor and garden hose

Plant spring bulbs, mulch- Spring will greet you with flowers and fewer weeds!

Sweep/wash porches-   Avoid the wet leaves/dirt. Rake the lawn too

For homeowners, fall temperature are ideal for washing your homes or doing paint touch up.

Winter Prep-

Loosen the Tie-Downs

When properly installed, tie-downs are taut and leave no room for a manufactured home to move. If the ground does shift it can cause serious structural damage.  When winter is over, remember to tighten tie-downs again in the spring. Learn more about tie-downs here.

Check the Skirting Vents.

In the winter, you want to stop the cold air from circulating under your home so you will need to close the vents.

Check the skirting on your mobile home. It should be secure but not too tight that it completely stops ventilation. You must have a little bit of ventilation in your skirting even during the cold winter months

Once winter arrives, make sure to shovel snow and ice away from skirting so it doesn’t get dented, which will cut off the air supply required by the furnace.

Inspect Your Furnace

Take a closer look at your furnace, inspecting the blower motor and vacuum any accumulated dirt. Clear any debris from the vent pipe and be sure to keep the roof exhaust vent clear of excess snow build-up.

Windows and flooring

The biggest heat losers in a home. The idea is to close or seal off any holes or cracks that allow air to enter or exit the home.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans need to run clockwise in the winter to push warm air down.

What’s New?

Daylight Savings Time Starts November 1st

 That means that for all states other than Hawaii and Arizona, at 2am on Sunday November 1st (or, when you go to bed Saturday night!) we turn the clocks back one hour.

Did you know???

 “War Time” and “Peace Time”

In 1916, during World War I, Germany became the first country to adopt DST to save energy for the war effort. Many countries across Europe soon followed suit. In the US, “Fast Time,” as it was called then, was first introduced in 1918. Only 7 months later, DST was repealed.

In 1942, at the height of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt reintroduced this previously used measure, instituting year-round Daylight Savings Time in the US. Referred to as “War Time,” DST was in force continuously from February 9, 1942 to September 30, 1945.

During this time, the US time zones were called “Eastern War Time,” “Mountain War Time,” “Central War Time,” and “Pacific War Time.” After the surrender of Japan in mid-August 1945, the time zones were relabeled “Peace Time.”

SOURCE: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/us/daylight-saving-usa.html

Resident Referral Program 

 If you know of other great people like you who might like to live in a Lakeshore community, remember our great referral program if they buy one of our homes or move their homes into our community.

Thank you for being a Lakeshore Resident!

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